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Ruiz-del-Solar J. (2000) Computational autopoiesis for texture analysis. In: Suzuki Y., Seppo Ovaska S., Furuhashi T., Roy R. & Dote Y. (eds.) Soft computing in industrial applications. Springer, London: 531–539.
The theory of Autopoiesis attempts to give an integrated characterization of the nature of the living systems by capturing the key idea that living systems are systems that self-maintain their organization. This theory makes a complementary definition of the concepts of organization and structure of a system. The organization of a system defines its identity as a unity, while the structure determines only an instance of the system organization. In other words, the organization of a system defines its invariant characteristics. In this article the concept of autopoiesis is explored as a tool to analyze the internal organization of a very special kind of systems, which are the images. More specifically, a computational model of autopoiesis is applied for texture identification through the use of an autopoietic-agent.
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