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Luppicini R. & Schnackenberg H. (2000) In support of constructivism: Utilizing rational, moral and communicative frameworks to address frequently posited criticisms. In: Crawford M. & Simonson M. (eds.) Annual proceedings of selected research and development papers presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2000 in Denver, Colorado. Asociation for Educational Comunications and Technology, Bloomington IN: 228–236. Fulltext at
The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how Constructivism in education has failed to address criticisms by re-directing or misdirecting the focus of the debate over whether or not Constructivism is able to give support to a viable theory of instruction. In response, support is given to Constructivism by drawing on rational, moral, andcommunicative frameworks to clarifir the main Constructivist tenets and to address levied criticisms. From this, the recommendation is made that, depending on how they are used, objective standards of learning and evaluation are not problematic for Constructivist instruction.



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