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Blocher J. M., Sujo de Montes L., Tucker G. & Willis E. M. (2000) Preparing teachers to integrate technology using constructionist methodology: Don’t teach me how I know I should teach; Teach me how I want to be taught. In: Crawford M. & Simonson M. (eds.) Annual proceedings of selected research and development papers presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology 2000 in Denver, Colorado. Asociation for Educational Comunications and Technology, Bloomington IN: 19–25.
Excerpt: Currently, many educators suggest that learning can be enhanced if the learning environment includes moreinteractive, student-centered, and engaging activities where learners construct their understanding rather than moretraditional methods of teacher-centered, direct instruction. Inherent is a paradigm shift from more historicalteaching methods to an environment where teachers relinquish control and learners accept responsibility forlearning. Many agree that this promotes more ownership and stimulates more meaningful learning. However,engaging in such a learning environment presents challenges for both the teacher, who designs, develops, andfacilitates this complex environment, and learners who must interact and take responsibility for constructing theirunderstanding. This paper describes a study conducted by Northern Arizona University’s Educational Technology facultyregarding training teachers for the integration of technology and the promotion of learner-centered instruction. Participants included traditional pre-service students enrolled in a required “Technology in the Classroom” courseand veteran teachers engaged in professional development designed to provide instruction into the integration oftechnology into the classroom. Instruction modeled the integration of technology from a constructionist perspective,and provided participants the opportunity to engage in activities that utilized the integration of technology. Thelearning environment was designed to provide introduction to skills and practice exercises utilizing computerapplications that could be later used within their teaching practice.
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