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Garrison J. (1998) Toward a pragmatic social constructivism. In: Larochelle M., Bednarz N. & Garrison J. (eds.) Constructivism and education. Cambridge University Press, New York NY: 43–60. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Constructivism must be careful not to confine itself to the purely cognitive domain of human experience. Educators must strive to include the body, its actions, and its passions more prominently in the curriculum. The pragmatic social constructivism of George Herbert Mead and John Dewey allows us to do so. Mead and Dewey maintained a lifelong friendship and were colleagues for many years during which they visited each other nearly every day. So intermeshed was their influence on each other that it is often impossible to determine who originated what. Such entwinement is typical of socially constructive contexts and illustrates a central thesis of pragmatic social constructivism – it decenters the locus of mind and self.

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