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Confrey J. (1994) “Voix et perspective”: à l’écoute des innovations épistémologiques des étudiants et des étudiantes. Revue des sciences de l’éducation 20(1): 115–133. Fulltext at
Radical constructivism is argued to differ from many other interpretations of constructivism in North America due to its emphasis on the epistemological impact of student inventions. It recognizes that students’ views are not simply inadequate or incomplete adult views, and it allows for the reconceptualization of the mathematical content of the expert in light of student invention. Two examples of student work are examined for their epistemological content. One example is drawn from a fourth grade class learning about least common denominators. The other is from a teaching experiment with a college freshman about exponential functions. A distinction between “voice” and “perspective” is introduced to differentiate between the epistemological content attributed to the student (voice) and its impact on the knowledge of the expert (perspective).


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