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Hepp A., Loosen W., Hasebrink U. & Reichertz J. (2017) Konstruktivismus in der Kommunikationswissenschaft: Über die Notwendigkeit einer (erneuten) Debatte. [Constructivism in communication studies: On the need for a (renewed) debate] M&K Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft 65(2): 181–206. Fulltext at
The present discussion surrounding constructivism in communication studies is characterized especially by three questions: Precisely how does constructivist thinking manifest itself in media and communication research? Which foundation does it offer for empirical research? And in which way does this necessitate a shift in existing perspectives and approaches? These questions are addressed in the introduction to this special issue on ‘Constructivism in Communication Studies’. First, and with reference to the recent media change, it outlines why it is necessary to (re-)open the discussion on constructivism. On this basis, the trajectories of constructivism in German communication studies over the last 50 years are reconstructed and the different articles of this special issue are located in the discussion. Finally, ideas for a constructivist critique are introduced – a critique which becomes necessary in the light of the fundamental and deep character of recent changes in media and communications.

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