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Maturana H. R. (1989) Lenguaje y realidad: El origen de lo humano [Language and reality: The constitution of what is human]. Archivos de Biología y Medicina Experimentales 22(2): 77–81. Fulltext at
The author proposes: 1. That a lineage of living systems is constituted by the reproductive conservation of a manner of living under the form of an ontogenic phenotype. 2. That language is a manner of living in recurrent consensual coordinations of consensual coordinations of actions. 3. That the human manner of living en tails among other things, a braiding of languaging and emotioning that we call.conversation. 4. That human beings arise in the history of bipedal primates with the origin of language, and the constitution of a lineage defined by the conservation of an ontogenic phenotype that includes conversations as part of it. 5. That the magnitude of the involvement of the brain and anatomy of the larynx and face in speech as our main manner of languaging indicate that language cannot have arisen later than two to three millions year ago. 6. That rationally pertains to the operational coherences of languaging and that different rational domains are constituted by different basic notions that are accepted a priori. That is, on preference. 7. That responsibility and freedom are a function of our awareness of the participation of our emotions (preferences) in the constitution of the rational domains in which we operate.

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