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Gash H. (2019) Radical constructivism and tolerance. In: Hug T., Mitterer J. & Schorner M. (eds.) Radikaler Konstruktivismus, Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft. Ernst von Glasersfeld (1917–2010). Innsbruck University Press, Innsbruck: 189–204. Fulltext at
Ernst von Glasersfeld (1974) used the phrase Radical Constructivism (RC) in the context of clarifying the meaning of Piaget’s genetic epistemology. Initially, much of the work that followed was directly related to educational issues and topics like maths and science. The implications of radical constructivism for social understandings led the present author to study stereotypes. This work emphasised the role of identity in prejudice. Identity as an individual construction is related to one’s interpretations of the social heuristics and world views of one’s culture. Balancing self-perception with acceptable cultural expression is a key to well-being, personal development and one’s social functioning.

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