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Karmiloff-Smith A. (2018) Précis of Beyond Modularity: A Developmental Perspective on Cognitive Science. In: Karmiloff-Smith A., Thomas M. S. C. & Johnson M. H. (eds.) Thinking developmentally from constructivism to neuroconstructivism: Selected works of Annette Karmiloff-Smith. Routledge, Oxon: 64–94.
Excerpt: Beyond modularity: A developmental perspective on cognitive science not only aims to reach developmental psychologists, but also strives to persuade cognitive scientists to treat cognitive development as a serious theoretical science contributing to the discussion of how the human mind/brain develops and is organized internally, and not merely as a cute empirical database addressing the question of the age at which external behavior can be observed. Nowadays much of the literature focuses on what cognitive science can offer the study of development. In Beyond modularity, I concentrate, on what a developmental perspective can offer cognitive science and attempt to pinpoint what is specifically human about human cognition.
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