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Richardson M. J., Shockley K., Fajen B. R., Riley M. A. & Turvey M. T. (2008) Ecological psychology: Six principles for an embodied-embedded approach to behavior. In: Calvo P. & Gomila A. (eds.) Handbook of cognitive science. Elsevier, New York NY: 159–187.
A truly embodied-embedded approach to behavior promises a radical change in how scientists conceptualize cognitive agents (both biological and nonbiological) and how they proceed to understand the behavioral order of such agents, both empirically and theoretically. This chapter views that cashing in the promissory note requires that perceiving, acting and knowing be studied as emergent properties of an organism (O)–environment (E) system. The six principles described in the present chapter are proposed as an appropriate framework for that study. It presumes that the persistent application of the principles should enable cognitive and psychological science to repay the many loans of intelligence thus far accrued.
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