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Seidel T., Schwindt K., Rimmele R. & Prenzel M. (2008) Konstruktivistische Überzeugungen von Lehrpersonen: Was bedeuten sie für den Unterricht. In: Meyer M. A., Prenzel M. & Hellekamps S. (eds.) Perspektiven der Didaktik. VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden: 259–276.
This essay investigates the role of constructivist beliefs of teachers for teaching practices and the learning processes of students. The data of a national video study (1PN video study) are analyzed using information on teachers’ beliefs (about the nature of science, student learning: teacher questionnaire), teaching practices (from the perspective of teachers:teacher questionnaire; independent observers: video analysis) and student learning (knowledge: test; interest: student questionnaire). Multi-level analyses include 50 German physics teachers and their 1249 students. The results show diverse findings that do not support all assumed conjectures. They demonstrate a systematic relationship between teacher beliefs about the nature of science and the nature of student learning. However, it has not been possible to show that a constructivist understanding of student learning is related to student-oriented teaching practices and a positive knowledge and interest development of the students
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