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Bartelt W., Ranjeet T. & Saha A. (2018) Meta-engineering: A methodology to achieve autopoiesis in intelligent systems. In: Samsonovich A. V. (ed.) Biologically inspired cognitive architectures meeting. Springer, Cham: 27–36.
This paper presents an architecture of autopoietic intelligent systems (AIS) as systems of automated “software production”-like processes based on meta-engineering (ME) theory. A self-producing AIS potentially displays the characteristics of artificial general intelligence (AGI). The architecture describes a meta-engineering system (MES) comprising many subsystems which serve to produce increasingly refined “software-production”-like processes rather than producing a solution for a specific domain. ME-theory involves a whole order of MES and the ME-paradox, expressing the fact that MES can potentially achieve a general problem-solving capability by means of maximal specialization. We argue that high-order MES are readily observable in software production systems (sophisticated software organizations) and that engineering practices conducted in such domains can provide a great deal of insight on how AIS can actually work.
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