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Cooke M. (2016) The elephant in the room: Communication, chaos and the translation of truth. In: Richter J., Zwischenberger C., Kremmel S. & Spitzl K.-H. (eds.) (Neu-) Kompositionen. Aspekte transkultureller Wissenschaft. Frank & Timme, Berlin: 59–76.
Excerpt: The elephant in the room is an English idiom referring to an obvious truth which is being ignored and going unaddressed. The truth I wish to discuss is a simple one, that most of us, whether consciously or not, pretend is not there: the fact that we are unable to tell the truth. This simple fact, like the proverbial elephant, looms ubiquitously and makes communication very difficult, at times well-nigh impossible. An elephant in the room, however large the room, takes up a lot of space. We have to undertake great contortions to talk around it, or even to see each other. In our efforts to look around this obstacle, we go to great efforts of self-delusion and social collaboration. The one thing we can’t do, though, is get rid of the thing.
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