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Jonassen D. H. (2006) A constructivist’s perspective on functional contextualism. Educational Technology Research and Development 54(1): 43–47. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The effects of constructivism are not as obvious because constructivism is not a theory of learning. Nor is it a model for designing instruction. Rather, it is fundamentally an epistemology that has affected the way that educators in the past decade conceive of learning. As an ontology, it has significantly affected the fields of art and sociology for more than 60 years. More than a decade ago, I tried to articulate constructivist models of design, but I soon discovered that such a concept is oxymoronic. One can argue that it is impossible to directly and empirically demonstrate the effectiveness of constructivism. That was not its intention, despite the claims of many designers who claim to be constructivist.

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