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Chadwick C. (2004) Why I am not a constructivist. Educational Technology 44(5): 46–49. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The label “constructivism” is ubiquitous and sometimes insidious and certainly means different things to dissimilar people. To explain why I am not a constructivist, we must start by attempting to clarify the term and analyze its scope. Constructivism is a very broad field: in the educational sector alone (not including the philosophical nor the social areas) there are as many as 25 different varieties. As one constructivist has remarked, “…the term ‘constructivism’ appears to be fashionable, mostly used loosely with no clear definition of the term, and is used without clear links to an epistemological base” (Featherston, 1997). Michael Matthews says that while there are “…countless thousands of constructivist articles, it is rare to find ones with fully worked out epistemology, learning theory, educational theory, or ethical and political positions” (Matthews, 2000).

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