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Fosnot C. T. (1984) Media and technology in education: A constructivist view. Educational Communication and Technology Journal 32: 195–205. Fulltext at
Instructional technology has typically been viewed as incorporating a systematic application of scientific principles of instruction to the learning environment. Within this framework, the focus has been on analysis, decision making, and evaluation regarding curriculum (what should be taught) and instruction (how one should teach). For most of its history, instructional technology has attempted to justify and verify its own basic assumption that both the processes of technology and the products of technology can help improve instructional effectiveness (Brody, 1984). Thus, an instructional design model (i.e., the systems approach to instruction) has predominated the field (Koetting, 1984). This article argues that, in spite of interest and aptitude, instructional designers have not yet come to grips with the tenets of constructivism. Rather, the field has been grounded in empiricism. An historical review of the research on instructional uses of media highlights such philosophical roots

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