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Rovenskaya E. & Strelkovskii N. (2020) Control and Behavior - Spoiled for Options? Coping with Uncertainty. Constructivist Foundations 16(1): 052–054. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Foresight Rather than Hindsight? Future State Maximization As a Computational Interpretation of Heinz von Foerster’s Ethical Imperative” by Hannes Hornischer, Simon Plakolb, Georg Jäger & Manfred Füllsack. Abstract: While we agree with Hornischer et al. that there is an apparent similarity between the Future State Maximization principle and von Foerster’s Ethical Imperative, we suggest that the former can be seen as a computational overlap with the latter rather than its computational interpretation. Further, we reflect on the connection between these two concepts and the theory of robust control.


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