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Jungck J. R. (1991) Constructivism, computer exploratoriums, and collaborative learning: Constructing scientific knowledge. Teaching Education 3(2): 151–170. Fulltext at
Excerpt: I believe that input from a wide community of constructivist scholars and teachers will profoundly improve biology education by developing future biologists and biology teachers who have a much better understanding of scientific investigation through their own development and use of investigative software, laboratory, and field activities. This community of teachers and scholars should have biologists of many varieties, researchers in science education and educational technology, computer scientists, and philosophers of science. Based on my commitment to transforming the nature and quality of science education, I believe that exploratory environments on microcomputers will empower many co-learners (teachers and students) primarily by conflating these two previously polar roles. Computer exploratoriums are not a panacea (in particular, this approach alone can do little to change who per se it is that does science), but they can provide an environment in which students can have ample opportunity to develop their confidence and competence in problem posing, long-term inference making, and contextualized problem solving through experiential and collaborative learning. ||

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