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Bergeron J. C., Herscovics N. & Nantais N. (1985) Formative evaluation from a constructivist perspective. In: Damarin S. K. & Shelton M. (eds.) Proceedings of the annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA 7). PME-NA, Columbus: 13–19. Fulltext at
Within the context of mathematics education, the current view of evaluation is open to criticism first, in terms of the rather behavioristic classification of the learning outcomes it identifies, and second, with regards to the prevalent mode of obtaining information, the written test. A constructivist approach affects our perspective of both the learner’s and the teacher’s role in a didactical situation, and also that of the subject matter’. In such s perspective, the need for formative evaluation becomes crucial since in order to follow the student’s thinking, the teacher requires feedback from him. To this effect, we have developed a new tool, the mini-interview. This paper describes an experiment investigating the problems involved in training teachers in the use of this tool for formative purposes.

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