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Simonini E. & Romagnoli R. C. (2019) Máquina e realidade: Cibernética, autopoiese e produção de subjetividade em Félix Guattari. [Machine and reality: Cybernetics, autopoiesis and production of subjectivity in Félix Guattari] Psicologia em Estudo 24(e45522): 1–13. Fulltext at
This article aims to address the concept of machine and its consequent appropriation in the discussions on subjectivity. It is a theoretical study at the interface among Psychology, Philosophy, Physics and Biology. In this sense, it starts showing that in the modernity, the analogy to the machine was extended to the understanding of the universe as a precise and geometrically predictable functioning clock. And if, until the eighteenth century, life, body and cosmos were signified by the emerging science as a mechanical machine (of calculable motion in its predictability), in the nineteenth century they also came to be understood as a thermal machine, with its developments in the thermodynamics physics and cybernetics. In the late twentieth century, the concept of autopoietic machine gained relevance in the studies of life and cognition, based on the works of the biologists Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana, which is appropriated by Félix Guattari for the development of his concept of the production of subjectivity and its problematizations around the subjectivation processes. Thus, the concept of machine has gone beyond the limitations of a mechanical and thermodynamics reading of reality, to an existential, procedural and inventive approach of the subjectivity.


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