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Melkman R. (1988) A radical constructivism. Chapter 3 in: The construction of objectivity: A new look at the first months of life. Karger, Basel: 65–114. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The basic structure recognitory of the object-as-expected is the organism, whose disparate acts become organized into modality-specific recognitory systems as it differentiates adapting to the environment, and that internal differentiation of sub-systems and their coordination with one another are complementary aspects of construction of objectivity. Differentiation is made possible by the dual dialectical process inherent in the organism’s interaction with its environment, first, between its intentional and unintentional interactions in the state of need and quiescence, respectively, and second, between the undifferentiated confirmatory and differentiated disconfirmatory interactions within the intentional state. The present chapter integrates these conclusions into a detailed account of development during the first months of life.

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