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Grünbaum T. & Zahavi D. (2013) Varieties of self-awareness. In: Fulford K. W. M., Davies M., Gipps R. G. T., Graham G., Sadler J. Z., Stanghellini G. & Thornton T. (eds.) The Oxford handbook of philosophy and psychiatry. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 221–239. Fulltext at
In this chapter, we argue that explicit (refl ective) self-conscious thinking is founded on an implicit (pre-refl ective) form of self-awareness built into the very structure of phenomenal consciousness. In broad strokes, our argument is that a theory denying the existence of pre-refl ective or minimal self-awareness has diffi culties explaining a number of essential features of explicit fi rst-person self-reference, and that this will impede a proper understanding of certain types of psychopathology.

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