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Meynig T. (2012) Consciousness and communication. Disserta, Hamburg. Fulltext at
This paper deals with personal development in its social contexts. It demonstrates how personal development works and appears in communication. Therefore there will be an analysis implemented which is based on system-theoretical propositions of the social sciences which reveals the reciprocal relation between consciousness and communication. The evidence of communication will be explained in different models and under different aspects, e.g., learning and socialization, paradoxical operations and forms of development. The constructive character of identity and reality will be discussed in its sociobiological origins. As a result “knowledge” will be redefined as an intentionally directed contingent way of perceiving and acting. It leads to the conclusion that personal development is an irreversible process which becomes evident by the expansion of personal choices in the code of truth and love as ecological criteria. Relevance: The publication demonstrates an interdisciplinary approach based on the general language of cybernetics and systems theory. The method is taken from Maturana’s way of explaining how science works and it comes to conclusions which makes evident why the constructivist paradigm may be useful for humanity and society.



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