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Smith E. (1997) Constructing the individual knower: A review of Radical Constructivism [Radical constructivism in the context of modern subject-object relations]. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 28(1): 106–111. Fulltext at
For over 20 years, Ernst von Glasersfeld has eloquently and consistently described a theoretical model of the individual knower. In doing so, he has become one of the best-known contemporary educational theorists, particularly among the mathematics education community. In addition, as he states in the preface to his newest book, the name he gave to his approach, “radical constructivism,” has become a catch word among educators. Today it seems everyone is a constructivist and many attach the descriptor radical to their orientation. However, as with any popular movement, there are many interpretations, many critiques, and much passion associated with radical constructivism. Glasersfeld sees this volume as an opportunity to tell the whole story, or as he says, “to lay out the main constructivist ideas as I see them” (p. xiii).

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