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Maturana H. R. (2008) Virtual realities and human existence. Appendix 5 in: Maturana H. R. & Verden-Zöller G., The origin of humanness in the biology of love. Edited by Pille Bunnell. Imprint Academic, Exeter: 197–203. Fulltext at
Excerpt: We human beings exist – that is, we are realized as human beings – in conversations. It is not that we use conversations – we are, we exist as a flow of conversations. It is not that language is the home of the Dasein, as Heidegger says – our being occurs in languaging in the flow of our being in conversations. The human being is a dynamic manner of being in language, not a body, not an entity that has an existence that can be imagined independent of language and that can then use language as an instrument for communication.

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