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Nasuto S. J., Bishop J. M. & de Meyer K. (2009) Communicating neurons: A connectionist spiking neuron implementation of stochastic diffusion search. Neurocomputing 72: 704–712.
An information-processing paradigm in the brain is proposed, instantiated in an artificial neural network using biologically motivated temporal encoding. The network will locate within the external world stimulus the target memory, defined by a specific pattern of micro-features. The proposed network is robust and efficient. Akin in operation to the Swarm Intelligence paradigm, Stochastic Diffusion Search, it will find the best-fit to the memory with linear time complexity. Information multiplexing enables neurons to process knowledge as “tokens” rather than “types.” The network illustrates the possible emergence of cognitive processing from low level interactions such as memory retrieval based on partial matching. Relevance: This paper outlines the implementation of a new metaphor for cognition; a metaphor grounded upon communication rather than computation.
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