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Scaife J. A. (2012) Becoming a teacher in higher education. In: Eley A., Wellington J. J., Biggs C. & Pitts S. (eds.) Becoming an early career researcher. Routledge, London: 94–108.
The chapter addresses the following questions: Are traditional, largely transmission-based, methods of university teaching adequate today? Are there any alternative ways of teaching that deserve our consideration? Is there any theory about these matters? And are these questions “merely academic” or can they lead to fruitful differences in practice? A constructivist perspective is described and then used as a basis to argue that in the current context of increasing diversity in the student population and increasingly contested assumptions about the status and value of knowledge claims, constructivist-informed approaches to teaching and assessment are versatile and responsive to students’ learning needs. Particular attention is given to diagnostic teaching and to inquiry-based learning environments, both of which are argued to be compatible with constructivist views of knowing and learning. Relevance: The chapter argues for approaches to HE teaching and assessment that are informed by a radical constructivist perspective.
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