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Weibel P. (2008) Tertium Datur. Historical Preconditions and Ways to Mitterer’s Non-dualizing Philosophy. Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 134–139. Fulltext at
Purpose: Tracing the historical roots of Mitterer’s non-dualizing philosophy in Austrian philosophers who studied the relationship between object and language around 1900. Method: Discussing the epistemological relevance of the “tertium non datur” principle and disclosing the mutual influence of early language critics Mauthner, Stöhr, and Wahle, who also anticipated many of Wittgenstein’s later insights. Findings: Mitterer’s philosophy can be considered the endpoint of the Austrian tradition of language criticism. His non-dualizing approach is a methodological constructivism that does not comply with “tertium non datur.” Implications: Non-dualizing philosophy can also be applied to media theory.


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