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Ashby W. R. (1947) The nervous system as physical machine: With special reference to the origin of adaptive behavior. Mind 56(221): 44–59.
Ashby W. R. (1949) Principles of the self-organizing dynamic system. Journal of General Psychology 37: 125–128.
Ashby W. R. (1958) Requisite variety and its implications for the control of complex systems. Cybernetica 1(2): 83–99.
Ashby W. R. (1962) Principles of the self-organizing system. In: Foerster H. von & Zopf Jr. G. W. (eds.) Principles of self-organization. Pergamon Press, New York: 255–278. Fulltext at
Ashby W. R. (1972) Setting goals in cybernetic systems. In: Robinson H. W. & Knight D. E. (eds.) Cybernetics, artificial intelligence and ecology. Spartan Books, New York NY: 33–44.
Ashby W. R. (1981) Setting goals in cybernetic systems. In: Conant R. (ed.) Mechanisms of intelligence. Intersystems, Seaside CA: 115–126.
Ashby W. R. (1991) General systems theory as a new discipline. In: Klir G. J. (ed.) Facets of systems science. Plenum Press, New York: 249–257.
Ashby W. R., Foerster H. von & Walker C. C. (1962) Instability of Pulse Activity in a Net with Threshold. Nature 196: 561–562.
Conant R. & Ashby W. R. (1970) Every good regulator of a system must be a model of that system. International Journal of Systems Science 1(2): 89–97. Fulltext at
Foerster H. von & Ashby W. R. (1964) Biological Computers. In: Schaefer K. E. (ed.) Bioastronautics. The Macmillan Co., New York: 333–360.
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