Author O. Bader
Oren Bader is a phenomenologist and a philosopher of science, currently affiliated with the University of Heidelberg and Tel Aviv University, where he holds a lecturer position. Bader obtained his PhD from the School of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, under the supervision of Eva Jablonka and Dan Zahavi. During his PhD and postdoctoral research projects, he developed a novel approach to the study of social attention and perception. His interdisciplinary studies draw on empirical, psychopathological, and philosophical resources to characterize the subjective and cognitive underpinnings that scaffold social encounters and their modifications within mental disorders.
Bader O. (2021) Pre-reflective and Social: What Phenomenology Can Teach Us About the Underlying Structure of Perceptual Presence. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 310–312. Fulltext at

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