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After studying Biology (BSc and MSc), Aviva Berkovich-Ohana completed her PhD in Neuroscience at Bar-Ilan University, and trained as a post-doctorate fellow at the lab of Prof. Rafi Malach at the Weizmann Institute. Currently a senior lecturer at the University of Haifa, Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities, and Faculty of Education. Her research focuses on two main topics. One topic is contemplative mental training effects and their relevance to education. Another focus is the study of consciousness and sense of self. To this end, she collaborates with long-term contemplative practitioners, employing neurophenomenology.

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Ataria Y., Dor-Ziderman Y. & Berkovich-Ohana A. (2015) How does it feel to lack a sense of boundaries? A case study of a long-term mindfulness meditator. Consciousness and Cognition 37: 133–147.
Berkovich-Ohana A. (2017) Radical Neurophenomenology: We Cannot Solve the Problems Using the Same Kind of Thinking We Used When We Created Them. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 156–159. Fulltext at
Berkovich-Ohana A. (2017) What Is the Exact Directional Causality Between Affect, Action and Time-Consciousness? Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 105–107. Fulltext at
Berkovich-Ohana A., Dor-Ziderman Y., Trautwein F-M., Schweitzer Y., Nave O., Fulder S. & Ataria Y. (2020) The hitchhiker’s guide to neurophenomenology: the case of studying self boundaries with meditators. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 1680. Fulltext at
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