Author J. A. Castorina
He is a professor and a Master of Philosophy. He received his doctorate in Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He is Professor of Psychology and Genetic Epistemology at the Faculty of Psychology and Chair of Genetic Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires. Aires He is currently Director of the IICE, Institute of Research in Educational Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. UBA He has written books and articles on topics of genetic psychology, psychology of social knowledge of children and epistemology of developmental and educational psychology. He directs the research project UBACYT P011 2008-2010: Significance of the empirical research on knowledge of social domain and is a member of the research team of the PICT 2005-34778 of the ANPCYT (Argentina: Processes of Conceptual Change in the Social and Historical Knowledge of Children , adolescents and young people, cognitive and didactic aspects, directed by Dr. Mario Carretero. Research: Representation and change of historical conceptions and narratives about the nation

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Becerra G. & Castorina J. A. (2016) Acerca de la noción de “marco epistémico” del constructivismo: Una comparación con la noción de “paradigma” de Kuhn [About the constructivist notion of “epistemic framework”: A comparison with Kuhn’s “paradigm” notion]. Revista ibero. tecnologia y sociedad 11(31): 9–28. Fulltext at
Becerra G. & Castorina J. A. (2016) Una mirada social y política de la ciencia en la epistemología constructivista de Rolando García [A socio-political view of the science in Rolando García’s constructivist epistemology]. Ciencia. docencia y tecnología 27(52): 329–350. Fulltext at
Becerra G. & Castorina J. A. (2018) Authors’ Response: Toward a Pluralistic and Dialogic Constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 212–218. Fulltext at
Becerra G. & Castorina J. A. (2018) Towards a Dialogue Among Constructivist Research Programs. Constructivist Foundations 13(2): 191–198. Fulltext at
Castorina J. A. (2003) Las epistemologías constructivistas ante el desafío de los saberes disciplinares [Constructivist epistemologies in front of disciplinary knowledge challenges]. Psykhe 12(2): 15–28. Fulltext at
Castorina J. A. (2009) El constructivismo de inspiración piagetiana y el constructivismo radical: Un análisis crítico [Piagetian-inspired constructivism and radical constructivism: A critical analysis]. In: Narciandi J. C. L., Criado T. S. & Gómez D. L. (eds.) ¿Dónde reside la acción? Agencia, constructivismo y psicología. Universidad de Murcia, Murcia: 91–116. Fulltext at
Castorina J. A. (2010) La dialéctica en la psicologia del desarrollo: Relevancia y significación en la investigación [Dialectic in developmental psychology: Its importance and significance in research]. Psicologia: Reflexao e Critica 23(3): 516–524. Fulltext at
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