Author L. Chittka
Lars Chittka is a recipient of the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, an Advanced Fellowship from the European Research Council and the Lesley Goodman Award of the Royal Entomological Society. He is an elected Fellow of the Linnean Society, the Royal Entomological Society and the Royal Society of Biology. Chittka is an Editor of PLoS Biology, a member of the Faculty of 1000, and was a Panel Chairman for the European Research Council (2010–2013). He is the founder of the Psychology Department at Queen Mary University of London, where he is a Professor of Sensory and Behavioural Ecology.
Chittka L. & Skorupski P. (2017) Active Vision: A Broader Comparative Perspective Is Needed. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 128–129. Fulltext at

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