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Clark A. (1999) An embodied cognitive science. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 3(9): 345–351. Fulltext at
Clark A. (1999) Visual awareness and visuomotor action. Journal of Consciousness Studies 6(11–12): 1–18. Fulltext at
Clark A. (2008) Pressing the flesh: A tension in the study of the embodied, embedded mind? Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 76(1): 37–59. Fulltext at
Clark A. (2010) Memento’s revenge: The extended mind, extended. In: Menary R. (ed.) The extended mind. Cambridge MA, MIT Press: 43–66.
Clark A. (2012) Dreaming the whole cat: Generative models, predictive processing, and the enactivist conception of perceptual experience. Mind 121(483): 753–771. Fulltext at
Clark A. (2015) Radical predictive processing. The Southern Journal of Philosophy 53(S1): 3–27.
Clark A. (2017) Busting out: Predictive brains, embodied minds, and the puzzle of the evidentiary veil. Noûs 51(4): 727–753. Fulltext at
Clark A. (2019) Replies to critics: In search of the embodied, extended, enactive, predictive (EEE-P) mind. In: Colombo M., Irvine E. & Stapleton M. (eds.) Andy Clark and his critics. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 266–302.
Clark A. & Chalmers D. (1998) The extended mind. Analysis 58(1): 7–19. Fulltext at
Clark A. & Toribio J. (1994) Doing without representing? Synthese 101(3): 401–431. Fulltext at
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