Author E. C. Cuffari
Elena Clare Cuffari is interested in bodies interacting, languaging, gesturing, parenting, loving, and habiting. She is now trying to see how the enactive linguistic bodies approach can position us to think about hope, the future, the worlds human build, and the spaces and beings that we are not. She is currently Assistant Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Worcester State University. More about her work and the terrific colleagues and collaborators who make it possible can be found at

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Cuffari E. C. (2014) On being mindful about misunderstandings in languaging: Making sense of non-sense as the way to sharing linguistic meaning. In: Cappuccio M. & Froese T. (eds.) Enactive cognition at the edge of sense-making: Making sense of non-sense. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills: 207–237.
Cuffari E. C. (2020) On Life-Language Continuity. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 149–151. Fulltext at
Cuffari E. C., Di Paolo E. & De Jaegher H. (2015) From participatory sense-making to language: There and back again. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 14(4): 1089–1125. Fulltext at
Cuffari E. C., Di Paolo E. A. & De Jaegher H. (2021) Letting language be: Reflections on enactive method. Filosofia Unisinos 22(1): 117–124. Fulltext at
Fourlas G. N. & Cuffari E. C. (2022) Enacting ought: ethics, anti-racism, and interactional possibilities. Topoi 41(2): 355–371. Fulltext at
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