Author D. J. Cunningham

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Cunningham D. J. (1991) Assessing constructions and constructing assessments: A dialogue. Educational technology 31(5): 13–17. Fulltext at
Cunningham D. J. (1991) In defense of extremism. Educational Technology 31(9): 26–27. Fulltext at
Duffy T. M. & Cunningham D. J. (1996) Constructivism: Implications for the design and delivery of instruction. In: Jonassen D. H. (ed.) Educational communications and technology. Simon & Schuster Macmillan, New York: 170–199. Fulltext at
Knuth R. & Cunningham D. J. (1993) Tools for constructivism. In: Duffy T. M., Lowyck J. & Jonassen D. H. (eds.) Designing environments for constructive learning. Springer-Verlag, Berlin: 163–188. Fulltext at
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