Author B. Davis

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Davis B. (1995) Why teach mathematics? Mathematics education and enactivist theory. For the Learning of Mathematics 15(2): 2–9. Fulltext at
Davis B. & Sumara D. (2002) Constructivist discourses and the field of education: Problems and possibilities. Educational Theory 52(4): 409–428. Fulltext at
Davis B. & Sumara D. (2003) Why aren’t they getting this? Working through the regressive myths of constructivist pedagogy. Teaching Education 14: 123–140. Fulltext at
Davis B., Sumara D. & Luce-Kapler R. (2008) Engaging minds: Changing teaching in complex times. Second edition. Routledge, New York.
Khan S., Francis K. & Davis B. (2015) Accumulation of experience in a vast number of cases: Enactivism as a fit framework for the study of spatial reasoning in mathematics education. ZDM Mathematics Education 47(2): 269–279.
Sumara D. J. & Davis B. (1997) Enactivist theory and community learning: Toward a complexified understanding of action research. Educational Action Research 5(3): 403–422. Fulltext at
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