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Natalie Depraz is Professor of Philosophy at the Rouen Normandy University and University Member at the Husserl Archives in Paris. Among her recent publications is the book Attention et vigilance. A la croisée de la phénoménologie et des sciences cognitives (2014; to be published in English in 2019). She leads the Research Normandy Project “Teenagers in front of chronic diseases” (2016-2019), which involves medical doctors and human scientists.

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Depraz N. (1999) The phenomenological reduction as praxis. Journal of Consciousness Studies 6(2–3): 95–110. Fulltext at
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Depraz N. (2021) Author’s Response: The Good Thing about Fragility: Opening Oneself Up to the Other. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 262–264. Fulltext at
Depraz N. (2021) Micro-phenomenological explicitation interviews and biographical narrative interviews: A combined perspective in light of the experiential analysis of chronic diseases. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Online first. Fulltext at
Depraz N. (2021) On Becoming Metaphysical: A Relevant Challenge for Neurophenomenology? Constructivist Foundations 16(2): 159–161. Fulltext at
Depraz N. (2021) The Lived Experience of Being Fragile: On Becoming more “Living” During the Pandemic. Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 245–253. Fulltext at
Depraz N., Gyemant M. & Desmidt T. (2017) A First-Person Analysis Using Third-Person Data as a Generative Method: A Case Study of Surprise in Depression. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 190–203. Fulltext at
Depraz N., Gyemant M. & Desmidt T. (2017) Author’s Response: Situating Generative First-Person Analysis within Neuro-, Micro-, Cardio- and Transcendental Phenomenology Natalie Depraz at al. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 214–218. Fulltext at
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