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Hackenberg A. J. (2005) A model of mathematical learning and caring relations. For the Learning of Mathematics 25: 45–51. Fulltext at
Hackenberg A. J. (2007) Units coordination and the construction of improper fractions: A revision of the splitting hypothesis. Journal of Mathematical Behavior 26: 27–47. Fulltext at
Hackenberg A. J. (2010) Mathematical caring relations in action. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 41(3): 236–273.
Hackenberg A. J. (2010) Mathematical caring relations: A challenging case. Mathematics Education Research Journal 22(3): 57–83.
Hackenberg A. J. (2010) Students’ reasoning with reversible multiplicative relationships. Cognition and Instruction 28(4): 1–50.
Hackenberg A. J. (2013) Holding together. For the Learning of Mathematics 33: 16–17.
Hackenberg A. J. (2013) The fractional knowledge and algebraic reasoning of students with the first multiplicative concept. Journal of Mathematical Behavior 33: 1. Fulltext at
Hackenberg A. J. & Lawler B. R. (2002) An ethics of liberation emerging from a radical constructivist foundation. In: Valero P. & Skovsmose O. (eds.) Proceedings of the 3rd International MES Conference. Centre for Research in Learning Mathematics, Copenhagen: 1–13. Fulltext at
Hackenberg A. J. & Tillema E. S. (2009) Students’ whole number multiplicative concepts: A critical constructive resource for fraction composition schemes. Journal of Mathematical Behavior 28: 1–18.
Tillema E. S. & Hackenberg A. J. (2011) Developing systems of notation as a trace of reasoning. For the Learning of Mathematics 31(3): 29–35.
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