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Véronique Havelange’s research, carried out at the Technological University of Compiègne, deals with the foundations of the mind sciences under their various guises: that of the classical human and social sciences embodied in the debate between explaining (erklären) and understanding (verstehen); and, more recently, that of cognitive science. This research involves a joint interrogation of cognitive science and phenomenology, radically different from the project of “naturalizing phenomenology” entertained by first-generation cognitive science.

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Havelange V. (2010) The ontological constitution of cognition and the epistemological constitution of cognitive science: Phenomenology, enaction and technology. In: Stewart J., Gapenne O. & Di Paolo E. A. (eds.) Enaction: Toward a new paradigm for cognitive science. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 335–359. Fulltext at
Havelange V. (2016) Constitution: Epistemological and Ontological. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 398–399. Fulltext at
Havelange V. (2016) Individual Action and Social Structures: Towards an Articulation. Constructivist Foundations 12(1): 41–42. Fulltext at
Havelange V. (2017) Some Shortcomings of Naturalization. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 100–101. Fulltext at
Havelange V., Lenay C. & Stewart J. (2003) Les représentations: mémoire externe et objets techniques. [Representations: External memory and technical artefacts] Intellectica 35: 115–129. Fulltext at
Stewart J. & Havelange V. (2015) Cognition humaine individuelle et collective: Le cas de la crise écologique. [Individual and Collective Human Intelligence: The Case of the Ecological Crisis] Intellectica 64: 77–86. Fulltext at
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