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Peter M. Hejl is adjunct professor at the University of Siegen, where until 2010 he taught sociology, especially sociology of communication and media. He first worked as a researcher at the FeoLL research center of the state of North-Rhine/Westphalia. In 1984 Hejl moved to the “Institute of empirical studies in literature and media” (LUMIS) (later, Institut für Medienforschung) at the University of Siegen. His work is based on the conviction that the social sciences are mislead if they continue the tradition of disciplinary autonomy, which results in the exclusion of, e.g., psychological and biological knowledge from brain research and evolutionary theory. Hejl contributed to the integration of the theory of autopoiesis (Maturana) and the development of a radical constructivist approach to knowledge, communication and social systems through contributions to topics such as the self-organization and self-regulation of social systems. Parallel to this theoretical work, he designed and conducted empirical studies on the use of media.

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