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Held B. S. (1990) What’s in a name? Some confusions and concerns about constructivism. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 16: 179–186.
Held B. S. (1991) Constructing constructivism: A reply to Oz. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 17: 193–195.
Held B. S. (1995) The real meaning of constructivism. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 8(4): 305–315.
Held B. S. (1998) The many truths of postmodernist discourse. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 18: 193–217. Fulltext at
Held B. S. (2018) Anything goes by the wayside: A reply to Raskin and Debany. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 31(4): 400–412. Fulltext at
Held B. S. & Pols E. (1985) Rejoinder: On contradiction. Family Process 24: 521–524.
Held B. S. & Pols E. (1985) The confusion about epistemology and “epistemology” – and what to do about it. Family Process 24: 509–517. Fulltext at
Held B. S. & Pols E. (1987) Dell on Maturana: A real foundation for family therapy? Psychotherapy 24: 455–461. Fulltext at
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