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Bednarz J. Jr. (1988) Autopoiesis: The organizational closure of social systems. Systems Research 5(1): 57–64. Fulltext at
Christy Jr. L. F. (2016) Opening the Black Box of Minds: Theatre as a Laboratory of System Unknowns. Constructivist Foundations 11(3): 616–618. Fulltext at
Christy Jr. L. F. (2017) Performance as an Epistemological Tool Describing the Envelope of Perception. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 331–332. Fulltext at
Doll Jr. W. E. (2008) Response to Proulx: “Maturana is Not a Constructivist”… Nor is Piaget. Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education 5(1): 27–31. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2005) Against Realist Instruction. Constructivist Foundations 1(1): 49–60. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2007) The Challenge of Understanding Radical Constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 2(2-3): 50–57. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2007) “Once more into the breech…”. Constructivist Foundations 3(1): 8–9. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2008) Put Another Way…. Constructivist Foundations 3(2): 72–73. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2010) Radical Constructivism Has an Answer – But This Answer Is not an Easy One. Constructivist Foundations 6(1): 22–30. Fulltext at
Dykstra Jr. D. (2010) What Can We Learn from the Misunderstandings of Radical Constructivism? Commentary on Slezak’s “Radical Constructivism: Epistemology, Education and Dynamite”. Constructivist Foundations 6(1): 120–126. Fulltext at
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