Author G. Kelly

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Kelly G. (1997) Research traditions in comparative context: A philosophical challenge to radical constructivism. Science & Education 81(3): 355–375. Fulltext at
Kelly G. A. (1964) The language of hypothesis: Man’s psychological instrument. Journal of Individual Psychology 20(2): 137–152. Fulltext at
Kelly G. A. (1969) Man’s construction of his alternatives. In: Maher B. (ed.) Clinical psychology and personality: The selected papers of George Kelly. John Wiley & Sons, New York: 66–93. Fulltext at
Kelly G. A. (1970) A brief introduction to personal construct psychology. In: Bannister D. (ed.) Perspectives in personal construct psychology. Academic Press, London: 1–30.
Kelly G. A. (2003) A brief introduction to personal construct theory. In: Fransella F. (ed.) International handbook of personal construct psychology. Wiley, Chester UK: 3–30. Fulltext at
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