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Alexander V. Kravchenko is Professor of English Philology at Baikal State University . He holds degrees in English linguistics and in theoretical linguistics, and his current research interests lie in the area of the biology of cognition and language, encompassing semiotics, philosophy of language, grammar, and applied linguistics.

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Kravchenko A. V. (2007) Whence the autonomy? A response to Harnad and Dror. Pragmatics & Cognition 15(3): 587–597. Fulltext at
Kravchenko A. V. (2007) Гипотеза Сепира–Уорфа в контексте биологии познания [The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in the context of the biology of cognition]. Issues in Cognitive Linguistics 1: 5–14.
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Kravchenko A. V. (2018) On the implicit observer in grammar: Aspect. In: Liashchova L. M. (ed.) The explicit and the implicit in language and speech. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne: 12–34. Fulltext at
Kravchenko A. V. (2020) A Critique of Barbieri’s Code Biology. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 122–134. Fulltext at
Kravchenko A. V. (2020) Author’s Response: Codes, Interpretation, Meaning: Why Language Matters. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 159–163. Fulltext at
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