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Krippendorff K. (1984) An epistemological foundation for communication. Journal of Communication 34(3): 21–36. Fulltext at
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Krippendorff K. (1996) A second-order cybernetics of otherness. Systems Research 13(3): 311–328.
Krippendorff K. (2003) Recollections of Heinz von Foerster, a rhetorical genius. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 10(3–4): 195–196. Fulltext at
Krippendorff K. (2007) The cybernetics of design and the design of cybernetics. Kybernetes 36(9/10): 1381–1392. Fulltext at
Krippendorff K. (2008) Cybernetics’s reflexive turns. Cybernetics And Human Knowing 15(1): 173–184. Fulltext at
Krippendorff K. (2008) Four (in)determinabilities, not one. In: Ciprut J. V. (ed.) Indeterminacy: The mapped, the navigable, and the uncharted. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 315–344. Fulltext at
Krippendorff K. (2008) Social organizations as reconstitutable networks of conversations. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 15 (3–4): 149–161. Fulltext at
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