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Kristian Moltke Martiny obtained, in 2015, a PhD in philosophy and neuroscience from the University of Copenhagen, working transdisciplinarily on the phenomenological and neurological aspects of living with brain damage, specifically cerebral palsy (CP). The work was done in collaboration with the Center for Subjectivity Research and the Elsass Institute, where Martiny, since 2015, has held a joint position as a post-doc researcher and head of the Department for Psychological and Social Research. Characteristic of Martiny’s research is that he works with collaborators coming from outside of academia, as seen for instance in his PhD project, where he worked with artists to make a documentary film about living with CP (Natural Disorder) and a theater play at the Royal Danish Theater about the social aspects of CP (Humane Liquidation).

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Høffding S. & Martiny K. M. (2016) Framing a phenomenological interview: What, why, and how. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15: 539–564. Fulltext at
Martiny K. M. (2017) Author’s Response: Degrees of Openness, Embodiment, Circularity, and Invariance. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 83–90. Fulltext at
Martiny K. M. (2017) Varela’s Radical Proposal: How to Embody and Open Up Cognitive Science. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 59–67. Fulltext at
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