Author S. Medeiros
Sebastián Medeiros is a psychiatrist trained at University Denis Diderot – Paris 7 and a qualified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction teacher trained at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. He is co-founder/director at Centro Mindfulness y Medicina and director at Programa Mindfulness – Unidad de Salud Mental, Red UC-Christus and Psychiatry Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and a researcher at the Millennium Institute for Research in Depression and Personality (MIDAP). His research interests are (a) self-regulatory processes and the impact of early trauma in contemplative practices and health, and (b) mindfulness and psychotherapy training. Member of the Chilean chapter of the International Association of Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and the Society for Psychotherapy Research.
Medeiros S., Crempien C., Vásquez-Rosati A., Duarte J. & Langer I. (2021) Authors’ Response: The Art and Science of Befriending Inner Experience. Constructivist Foundations 16(2): 238–243. Fulltext at

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