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Ohad Nave is currently studying the lived experience of the sense of self focused on the meditative dissolution of its boundaries. With an academic background in cognitive science, philosophy and phenomenology, he is currently writing his Master’s thesis in the Hebrew University as part of a large-scale neurophenomenological study in Aviva Berkovich-Ohana’s lab. Involved in contemplative practices including meditation, body movement, Hakomi therapy and psychedelics, Ohad is interested in integrating experiential exploration within the scope of an open-ended scientific, therapeutic and spiritual quest.

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Berkovich-Ohana A., Dor-Ziderman Y., Trautwein F-M., Schweitzer Y., Nave O., Fulder S. & Ataria Y. (2020) The hitchhiker’s guide to neurophenomenology: the case of studying self boundaries with meditators. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 1680. Fulltext at
Nave O. (2021) The Non-Duality that Grounds Activism in the Self-Boundaries of Embodied Experience. Constructivist Foundations 16(2): 189–192. Fulltext at
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