Author D. C. Phillips

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Phillips D. C. (1992) On castigating constructivists. In: Alexander H. (ed.) Philosophy of education 1992 (pp. ) Proceedings of the Forty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society. Philosophy of Education Society, Urbana IL: 312–315.
Phillips D. C. (1995) The good, the bad, and the ugly: The many faces of constructivism. Educational Researcher 24(7): 5–12. Fulltext at
Phillips D. C. (1997) Coming to grips with radical social constructivisms. Science & Education 6(1–2): 85–104. Fulltext at
Phillips D. C. (1997) How, why, what, when, and where: Perspectives on constructivism in psychology and education. Issues in Education 3: 151–195.
Phillips D. C. (2000) An opinionated account of the constructivist landscape. In: Phillips D. C. (ed.) Constructivism in education: Opinions and second opinions on controversial issues. National Society for the Study of Education, Chicago: 1–16.
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